Thursday, August 24, 2006

Keywords Placement

Page Title

Most Important Keywords should be positioned at the beginning of the Page Title.

Meta Tags

Enter the keywords into the metatags placed at the start of the page template.

Header Tags

Each page should have a H1 heading with the most important keywords within the H1 tags.

Alt Tags with all Images.

Put keywords into alt tags in all the images on the page.

Content should be full of Keywords.

Relevant keywords should fill all the content on the page for best search engine optimization.

Top of Page.

The first words on the page should be your best keywords.

Fill Links with keywords.

Any links on the page should contain the relevant keywords.

Content Links

Links should be denoted by keywords instead of spelling out the full URL for the link on the page.
Top of Page

Choosing Best Keywords

Choosing Best Keywords

The best keywords are those that are popular and have little competition. Choosing these keywords enables the site to have a high pagerank and to stay at the top in the rankings.
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Excellent keywords are those that have a Keyword Effective Index (KEI) of 100 and higher.